Country History

While being quite ancient because it was developed by natives since pre-Columbian times, the cigar rolling tradition of Nicaragua has been internationally exposed only in recent times.
The tradition of planting black tobacco and rolling cigars in Nicaragua was brought out to the world recently in the mid-1990s. Today, the Nicaraguan terroir is widely recognized by North American aficionados. Also renowned by amateurs of other continents, Nicaragua is steadily gaining credit and increasing sales year after year.
Nicaraguan leaves and cigars are today celebrated among tasters for the excellence of their aromas, taste, strength and, liga balance.

The arrival of Cuban immigrants in Nicaragua in the 1960’s, who were disappointed by the agrarian reforms and nationalizations in Cuba after the Castrist revolution of 1959, stimulated the production of Nicaraguan black tobacco at the time. Later with the Sandinista revolution in 1979 and the following civil war, Nicaragua was abandoned by the majority of the cigar industry in favour of its north border neighbour country, Honduras. During the years of continuous armed conflicts on Nicaraguan soil, zero investment and business development was logically possible.

After this long turmoil, it was only in the early 1990s that a certain degree of political stability and social peace came back in Nicaragua. Since then, the Nicaraguan agriculture industry experienced a quick resurgence and steady developments. Number of experts – and businessmen – invested on the quality and future of the biggest country of Central America.

The Nicaraguan Cigar Industry showed its potential and developed the U.S.A., Europe and other international markets. Today Nicaragua is the second biggest producer of cigars after the Dominican Republic (Honduras is number 3 and Cuba number 4).
The Nicaraguan Cigar Industry accounts for a significant part of the country exports and is a major job provider, whether directly or indirectly. It quickly became a key player in the national economy and social system.

Within the Nicarao cigars, we try to deliver the authenticity, diversity and strength of Nicaragua.


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