The tobacco plant Nicotiana tabacum L. is cultivated in various latitudes from temperate to tropical climates. Similar to a lot of plant species, its culture is highly sensitive to the environment’s quality and its potential variations. The future destination of the black tobacco leaves – sensitive treatments in order to be part of a sensitive product – make their production even more delicate and energy demanding.

Harvesting Nicotiana tabacum L. varieties of black tobacco – exclusively grown for cigar production – therefore requires permanent and careful monitoring parameters like soil, temperature, humidity, light, wind and also of the expertise.

The multiplicity of geological, climatic, edaphic, cultural and social parameters in a production area is called the terroir. It makes one, and this one must be understood and controlled in order to produce excellent cigars. Understanding the terroir and how it fits in with the characteristic of our crop is the first essential step of the creation of a good cigar.

Then a long series of sensitive operations are to be carried out to transform the seeds into nice cigars. A multitude of treatments like soil preparation, plantation, harvest, drying, fermentations, aging, and classification are to be done with accuracy and perseverance to finally obtain a good product. A long continuum of complex and inter-connected treatments and evolutions has to be done as a whole in order to create leaves of integral and absolute quality. Aware of this multifaceted system, the experts can understand the relationships and feel the evolution of the materials to lead them masterfully on the way to become exquisite cigars.

To respect the quality requirements for producing fine cigar requires numerous attentions throughout their production. Nearly 300 production steps will be essential to come up with cigars that meet the demanding expectations of the aficionados. The whole process can be divided into 3 main phases: (1) from seeds to green leaves, (2) from green leaves to brown leaves, and (3) from brown leaves to cigars.

To ‘guarantee’ outstanding raw materials and extra-ordinary cigars, some extra operations are to be carried out. Real manufacture signatures and secrets, those “additional” operations to the classical production processes are the result of Sensitivity, Dedication and Talent.
One of our major operations is, for instance, a number of (re-)classifications carried out during production. After every major operation, a new leaf’s classification is made to ensure the consistency of our main classes of leaves. It is a significant investment of time, energy and money but the more accurate the categories are, the finer the subsequent operations. And the cigars!