Nicarao Especial

L 140mm | O19,05mm [5 1/2 x 48]
L 114mm | O 21,43mm [4 1/2 x 54]
L 127mm | O 22,23mm [5 x 56]
L 152mm | O 20,64mm [6 x 52]
L 140mm | O 23,02mm [5 1/2 x 58]


- Blend - Nicaraguan puro (wrapper, binder and filler) with rosado to rosado oscuro habano (sp.) wrapper from Jalapa
- Leaves ages - Moderately aged leaves from 2 to 5 ½ years (average of one extra year of fermentation/aging than standard market leaves)
- Aromas & Taste - Aromatic depth and well-rounded richness. Woody, spice, animal, toasty and sweet
- Strength - #6½ to #7 fortaleza – Medium to full body cigar
- Progression - Pleasant and marked evolution
- Combustion - Easy and complete
- Ashes - Solid, compact and white


- Leaves harvested from the best plots of our farms ? From our finest microclimates, the leaves are of superior quality
- Leaves from especially meticulous selection & classification ? Much finer classification than standard market leaves
- Moderately aged leaves ? average of one extra year of fermentation/aging than market standard leaves (2 to 5 ½ years instead of 1 ½ to 4 ½ years)
- Perfect construction and combustion

Nicaraguan puro, Nicarao Especial is blended with unique leaves. Three peculiarities give Nicarao Especial its unique personality.
First (1), the leaves are harvested from the best plots on our farms. The leaves come from the best microclimates of our Nicaraguan terroirs. Cigars are similar to wines; only a few meters can make the difference between a grand cru and a simple appellation. Understanding the soil and the environment is essential for a singular cigar production. Second (2), after harvest and first fermentation, the leaves are selected and classified with especially meticulous precision. Classification is therefore finer than the one for standard market leaves. Third (3), the leaves are kept around one year longer in fermentation and aging than market standard leaves. Having leaves from 2 to 5 ½ years makes the Nicarao Especial a cigar rolled with a moderately aged leaves.
Those 3 peculiarities give Nicarao Especial blend an outstanding depth in its taste and a delicacy in its strength. The blend reveals its character with refined elegance.

The Nicarao Especial is a medium to full body cigar (#6½ to #7 fortaleza) that reveals an amazing richness of aromas and tastes. Along with noble and gorgeous Central American spices, Nicarao Especial delivers woody and animal fragrances, moving towards pleasant toasty and sweet evolution. Besides the aromatic progression, the cigar remains remarkably well-balanced all during the tasting.
In addition to this aromatic excellence, the ash quality is distinctive. Its uniform structure and perfect white colour reflect an exceptional quality of both the raw materials and the rolling. Construction and combustion are just ‘perfect’.

A true piece of art brilliantly carried out with master craftsmanship and emotion. A must try!