The largest Central American nation, Nicaragua has specific and rich terroir diversity that is very suitable for the cigar industry.

The quality of Nicaraguan soils and climates, which is enriched by numerous microclimates, is just perfect for growing black tobacco. The local conditions, including parameters like soil contents, soil texture, terrain topography, solar exposure, winds, rainfall and humidity, make Nicaragua a prime production location. Also, last but not least, experienced cultural know-how is key to understand the terroir and to give the right treatment to collect leaves with quality and in quantity.

The terroirs that see the birth of black tobacco leaves and short after of a cigar can thus be seen following different angles such as:

  • The soil / general geologic and local edaphic factors
  • The climate / general geographic and local microclimate factors
  • The social / cultural and historical factors
  • All those essential elements make Nicaragua a great place to produce prestigious black tobacco leaves.

    With Nicarao, the specificity and originality of the cigars’ aromatic richness are made by blending leaves harvested on our best terroirs of regions, such as Condega, Estelí, Jalapa, Ometepe, and Somoto.

    Also the heart and the hands of our experts will accurately and passionately lead the leaves through the numerous processes that will slowly create the transformative alchemy of green leaves into noble cigars.