Nicarao Exclusivo Don Rafa

Production quota: 150 cigars per roller per day

With a cepo of 54 and 177 mm long (7 inch), the Nicarao Exclusivo Don Rafa is a cigar that has to be treated with respect.

First, its size is important. Nicarao Exclusivo Don Rafa has 50% more leaves than a Nicarao Clásico Robusto. The quality and the quantity of leaves inside the Don Rafa make it one of the most acclaimed cigars of the Nicarao Exclusivo line. Also, and this is important, Don Rafa is the name of a special person, who is in a league of his own and very much respected in the fields of San Luis Cuba.

Hat-in-hand fellers! This cigar is precious and to be cherished.